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Spanish Constitution

-ADAPTATION to diversity: The educational response must move closer to the needs of each student. -SECTORIZATION: Implies approach and accommodate the provision of educational services to the environment in which the student develops his life. Students who are the object of the integration programme are those who have special educational needs – permanent or temporary – associated to its educational and school history or personal conditions of giftedness, mental, motor or sensory disabilities.(text prepared by a Commission for an official document, of which the author was the Coordinator) The integration of disabled children in schools have been different ways if we analyze various publications that there is in relation to the topic. That if agree everyone is in need of changing attitudes of the school community with respect to the integration of disabled children. At the institutes of secondary education students have been integrated since 1992, in those centres in which the L.OGS. is anticipatedE in a first moment, parents, teachers and students, we didn’t a few clear models, but had achieved positive results in basic General education and began to appear references about this experience, they were innovative situations in the institutes. Lessons learned in schools since the Organization and style of these were different could not be generalized. LEGAL framework the legal framework on which we base is article 27 of the Spanish Constitution: (BOE 29/12/78) which recognizes the right to education, in which this will be compulsory and free in article 49, is alluded to a welfare policy, treatment, rehabilitation and integration to the diminished physical, sensory and psychic. In the Official Gazette 30/04/82 appears the law of social integration of the disabled (LISMI), which already appears in integration in the ordinary system of general education of the disabled, receiving support programs and resources you need.

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