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DELE Exam – Spanish Students Prepare For The Official Language Testing Before

DELE exam on Valencia, 24 August 2012. With increasing globalization, the Spanish language is becoming increasingly important and popular. Spanish courses are occupied more and more every year and so I chose 3 years ago, to learn Spanish. First I saw the Spanish only as an extra on my curriculum vitae, which should improve the chances on the labour market, but soon developed a passion for the Spanish language: I started to watch Spanish-language movies, listen to Spanish music, finding my language partners… Since I had still no evidence after almost 3 years of Spanish classes for my language skills in hand, I decided to participate this year in the examination for the DELE certificate C1. Three times a year you have the opportunity to take the DELE exam at different levels: in may, August and November. The registration for the exam is up to approximately one month before the examination via the Internet, for example on the page of the Instituto Cervantes or, as in my case, over the Internet site of the Spanish School Costa de Valencia. There I completed a three-week DELE preparation course.

This course was tailored exactly to the requirements and content of the DELE exam for the level of C1 and consisted of a small group of only 4 students. In the classroom, we have solved including sample tasks for all four parts of the exam (reading and listening comprehension, written expression and oral expression). It was carried out even a test simulation, optimally on the examination on 24 August 2012 to prepare us. In the afternoon of 23 August, it was already seriously: the oral examination was. I was excited in the exam, but my nervousness dissipated gradually, as I sat in the exam room and began to speak.

Such a step was done already, but the greater part was still before. The next day, the 24th of August, I was already at 8 o’clock in the morning in the exam Center, since it already, about an hour before the exam must be present. One is namely, not only with his excitement: often participate in more than 100 students per Exam Center for the DELE exam, and so must be controlled before a lot of papers and participants assigned a. And after the kick-off, it’s only: concentration. Who thinks the DELE exams are easy, which is wrong. So a lot of the Spanish students is invited to this internationally recognized certificate, and who has passed the exam at the end, can be proud of yourself. In addition, the certificate in any case in the future at the workplace or place of study application of great value will be. Short description and contact Costa de Valencia School Costa de Valencia has specialized since 1995 on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. The Spanish School in the heart of Valencia is a recognized Centro Acreditado Instituto Cervantes and a member of numerous professional associations. The teaching materials used are specially developed by the team of teachers. The individual is the most important aspect of modern teaching method Integrating each student to really speak Spanish. The two business leaders attach great importance to the quality of teaching and a wide range of leisure.

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