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Royal Spanish Academy

According to the Royal Spanish Academy of Language, religion is a set of beliefs or dogma about the divinity of feelings of reverence and awe toward her moral standards for individual behavior and social and ritual practices, particularly prayer and sacrifice to give worship. Religions have always told us that there is a divine being, beyond this world that did not create, monitor and protect from evil, and we are always judging and loving.Religious people have a great fervor, no doubt in God and entrusted to him if necessary, to thank the good that is, logically, he gives us. It is not uncommon to find people in hospitals, religious people, with an oak faith, praying and praying for the health of their patients and loved ones, and there are those who say that actually improve when patients are asked to be divine their health. But not everything is rosy, there are religious beliefs that prohibit certain uses of medicine, or not fully accepted because, they say, is against the law of God, against his will and social welfare and religious planet. One case is that of the Jehovah’s Witness, who are prohibited from «blood» because they consider it a grave sin, and who practice or have practiced can not be part of their religion. This is because a part of the Bible, Genesis.9:4-5 says, «The only thing is they should not eat flesh with its soul, ie their blood … Will demand of you blood, as his soul. Then translate into the blood and soul, God’s own, committing sin who share them. Otherwise the Jews, since in this religion women can not use contraception without the knowledge and permission of her husband, also if a woman can not have children because of health problems, and still want to have more amrido children, then he must divorce his wife, before allowing her to use contraception. The Catholic Church and Christian prohibits the use of contraceptives and voluntary sterilization. To limit births, but only for periodic abstinence (natural family planning), abstinence and breastfeeding (which suppresses ovulation), because the objective of coital relations is the reproduction of the human species.

And as for STDs, and prevention of infection, as a Catholic is supposed to only have sex during the marriage, not your partner is unfaithful, and divorce is not an option. On the other hand the Islamists allow a woman to use contraceptives without consulting with their spouse, provided they do not involve the husband, such as condoms or interrupts, and the woman must be willing and no buts when relations intercourse. In the case of abortion is taken into account if the fetus has a soul or mind only being that is alive outside the mother. The Jewish religion allows abortion as long as Encueros No danger of death the mother, and takes place in the first three months of pregnancy, as they believe that the child has something before birth. In the case of Islam, there are disagreements on the exact timing of the installation of the soul in the body and the developing fetus (a group allows abortion up to 120 days, others prohibit them in earlier stages). The Catholic Church prohibits abortion, but before it was a very serious sin, is now one of the worst, because it is considered murder especielmente after publication of the Apostolic Sedis of Pius IX in 1869. The in Buddhism is allowed because of health problems and mental and physical causes of rape, usually between pirmeras 14 weeks, although there are cases as in Japan, Buddhist country, abortion is socially and legally permissible. Regarding organ donation, there is no absolute rejection of the practice, although some religions put some rules on the bodies of their dead transplantation impossible, such is the case of a Zen Buddhist region and who insist on not playing the body of the recently deceased for three full days because they felt that the process of death is not instantaneous but gradual, and during those three days in the best condition access to its next incarnation, which disables the transplant.


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