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Spanish Field

Later of the manifestation by the Spanish field the organizers of a public manifestation of people who reject determined behaviors of the turn government, towards a productive sector when to this it is being punished to him from many fronts without mercy, does not seem is too complicated, according to we have verified in the recent complaint of agriculturists in Madrid. What begins to raise suspicions is that before being executed the protest, the part to which goes directed the manifestation, it says, that it is in agreement with the agriculturists, sight thus, seems as if anybody had not understood the message: the one sends that it or receives that it. The number of people that participated the past in the call of 21 of November of 2009, was enormous, surely one of the most nourished than has happened through Madrid, and with majors that they have been right to demand changes by the evil treatment that the Administration is punishing them day to day. A CMO of the wine that has destroyed the sector of the vine of La Mancha and that was due to give march back immediately by reasons like the lack of protection of the patrimony and products in the field, besides not taking a short cut the constant robberies to the agriculturists who are being of scandal. Consent of which the prices of products are those of TWENTY YEARS ago, cereals, oil, grape, fruits, vegetable; destruction of the agrarian familiar company, because for the politicians, this company in which quotes to the husband and the woman, paying both like independent, working in the harvestings the children and grandparents who also quote, although in the end the annual net sum of all the income of this familiar company is of 9,000 Euros, have created fatigue by so much purifying new engaged and executed for irrigable, by the risk that runs the Mediterranean to dry itself.

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