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Fund Crisis Investors Under Pressure

Investors of closed Fund investments tremble to deposits King & CIE funds under pressure: sensitive capital cuts threaten investors not only closed ship funds get more from well-known initiators of laid on closed-end Fund of all further closed real estate – rapidly in the economic backward sad Auch and more recently life insurance funds are in free fall. Press the Fund newspaper in its issue 16/2012 reported, as, for example, at the Fund initiator King & Cie. not only shipwreck suffered ship investments the balance sheet. Also some of the closed real estate set up by King & Cie. in recent years – and life insurance funds run according to fund newspaper analysis currently below plan. King & CIE of ship Fund: 30 ships of the Fund require operational concept of continuation of how the Fund daily further reported in their article, 2009 alone 30 King in an angled position had since the year & Cie. Fund ships in order to avoid a looming insolvency undergo operational concepts of continuation of. According to Fund newspaper report had to compete to date two King & CIE Fund ships due to lack of ability to pay the gang before the bankruptcy court: the tanker MT King Edwin, as well as the container ship MS Stadt HAMELN.

MT King Edwin: 427 ship fund investors threatens total loss as reported at this point, had the 2007 by King & Cie. Insolvency log on ship funds launched King & CIE Mt King Edwin Tankschiffahrts GmbH & co. KG in May of this year due to lack of ability to pay. A continuing concept was approved in the year 2010 could no longer save as also reported at this point already – present the shipping funds stalled early in a tilted position.

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