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Investment Strategy

The fall of Cyprus implications for the investment strategy shareholders, investors and savers of some Cypriot banks are likely to have slept badly in recent weeks. How of the rescue should however apply in the future as a blueprint to deal of the European Union credit institutions skewed. The current law proposal by European Commissioner Michel Barnier, who calls for clear rules and clear conditions in the order in which of the settlement of banks in line with the thinking of the European Central Bank is a clear indication in this direction. Therefore shareholders, then creditors, then investors with more than 100,000 euro to first, thereafter the country-specific bank guarantee fund and step in only in a final step the International Rescue Fund ESM. Such an approach is certainly welcome as taxpayers in this way only in the last instance for the economic failures of system-relevant credit institutions would be used. For wealthy Bank clients located in this country but the question: how safe is the money despite implicit security guarantee by the Federal Government, applied with a credit institution actually? Although Germany due to its economic strength is global as one of the last safe havens and the German security systems guarantee per far higher after banking group totals as the above mentioned Government-backed pan-European deposit protection in a worst-case scenario but reasonable doubt are attached. This is reflected in a recent Forsa survey, according to which more than two thirds of all Germans to their savings care. Again the continue simmering euro, economic and financial crisis highlights sometimes abstract dangers which were seen as past chapter of economic history in the wealthy industrial States rashly. If (partial) expropriation, compulsory levies, currency reforms, national legal changes, interventions in the grandfathering, taxes or inflation investors who are not early retirement or to abandon a money illusion, also run at non-speculative investments risk to suffer an immediate or gradual real depreciation of their assets.

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Fund Crisis Investors Under Pressure

Investors of closed Fund investments tremble to deposits King & CIE funds under pressure: sensitive capital cuts threaten investors not only closed ship funds get more from well-known initiators of laid on closed-end Fund of all further closed real estate – rapidly in the economic backward sad Auch and more recently life insurance funds are in free fall. Press the Fund newspaper in its issue 16/2012 reported, as, for example, at the Fund initiator King & Cie. not only shipwreck suffered ship investments the balance sheet. Also some of the closed real estate set up by King & Cie. in recent years – and life insurance funds run according to fund newspaper analysis currently below plan. King & CIE of ship Fund: 30 ships of the Fund require operational concept of continuation of how the Fund daily further reported in their article, 2009 alone 30 King in an angled position had since the year & Cie. Fund ships in order to avoid a looming insolvency undergo operational concepts of continuation of. According to Fund newspaper report had to compete to date two King & CIE Fund ships due to lack of ability to pay the gang before the bankruptcy court: the tanker MT King Edwin, as well as the container ship MS Stadt HAMELN.

MT King Edwin: 427 ship fund investors threatens total loss as reported at this point, had the 2007 by King & Cie. Insolvency log on ship funds launched King & CIE Mt King Edwin Tankschiffahrts GmbH & co. KG in May of this year due to lack of ability to pay. A continuing concept was approved in the year 2010 could no longer save as also reported at this point already – present the shipping funds stalled early in a tilted position.

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MCM Investor Management

Emerges from a recent study of the Alliance to the formation of financial assets that the Germans despite a very powerful economy in the end are not very rich. Magdeburg, 01.10.2013. A major cause: The Germans save wrong. Anyway, they have failed despite a per-capita incomes from 41.950 euro in 2013, to build up significant assets. While saving this country diligently putting this but apparently on the wrong horse. This phenomenon applies to private investors as well as large investors.

Because a significant portion of the German assets rests on bank accounts and insurance, which have mostly created their customer funds in fixed-income securities. The purchase of fixed-income was often in the past 20 years a good deal, they prove in the currently very low level of interest rates little attractive. Although the inflation rate in the historical comparison is very low, with the majority of their bank deposits and fixed-income investors suffer a real loss because their interest rate is even lower than the inflation rate. The low In recent years, yields in Germany prompted all investors to accumulate capital from abroad. With this strategy, which is generally useful in the sense of a geographic mix of risks, many investors have made but a mockery of the participants in the international financial markets. Stupid German money say there are circulating for years for these investors, the term dumb german money».

The German Institute for economic research has made German assets losses abroad amounting to 600 billion euros for the years 2006 to 2012. «A study of French Asset Manager, Natixis, which questioned 500 wealthy German private investors, shows what these investment failures result: thus 74 per cent of respondents described their own financial knowledge as weak»; Half stated to have no investment strategy. The investment behaviour of the Germans is like that of the Japanese in the past 20 years. Only the Japanese had before, fear of deflation while many German fear have the inflation. Bank deposits and bonds prove meaningful investments in deflation; tangible assets such as real estate asset would be more inflation. The MCM investor Management AG is exactly the right address, really profitable to invest in the real estate market. Who indeed as small investors»want to participate in the profitable real estate market, is right at the Magdeburg company. Professional consultants can balance risks and opportunities thanks to its wide knowledge base and help with decisions. Trends and current developments are also considered. The MCM investor Management AG can be investors taking advantage of the positive real estate trend by rights on their operational and very successful company.

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