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New Africa Continent

On December 7, 2013 In the year 2040, the continent of Africa over three billion people will have German African Dialogue Conference. Hunger, war, poverty, corruption – was so and Africa is mostly represented in the media. There are hardly any wars and many countries develop rapidly under Presidents closed on. But this potential is not yet perceived sufficiently. Also the African diaspora in Germany has care so far not sufficient, to establish a sustainable and effective exchanges between African and German institutions from politics, economy and culture, to eliminate prejudices.

Drum – and cooking won’t help at this point. The German African bridge e.V. wants to change this and do this, to make effective contributions. The forthcoming Conference motto is investing in the Africa of tomorrow»- because the continent has now an important economic location developed into. What are the opportunities and the risks? Who wants to succeed in Africa, needs information.

The German African Bridge e.V. informed on December 7 with various partners from business and politics. -Mr Michael Gahler, MEP (member of the EPP Group in the European Parliament) – Mr Gottfried Milde, spokesman of the Executive Board of economic and infrastructure Bank Hessen – Mr Frank Gannon, head of Public Affairs Group communications Merck KGA – Euler-Hermes Germany AG, export credit guarantees of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. Klaus Preissler – Mr. Charles M. Huber, MdB CDU/CSU on there is more information about the agenda and to register the website German African Association of the bridge. The German African bridge Association (short DABeV) with headquarters in Offenbach am Main, Germany, was founded in 1992 by Rene Bell Bell formerly German Cameroonian bridge e.V. and is dedicated to economics, hygiene and health, sport and education in particular focus on as free carriers in development cooperation. The DABeV promotes the international ethos and international understanding through cultural exchanges, supported and not only developed projects be supported in the short term, but also to accompany. Since the founding of the Association realized numerous projects successfully.

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