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Gisela Gartmairs

Study on the DHfPG, the 24 jahrge saw the optimal way to connect diet and training. She opted for the degree of Bachelor of Arts»in dietary advice. Gisela Gartmair started her studies at the German University in 2006. Their training, in addition to the part of dual studies on the DHfPG, she completed distance learning and compact presence phases in a gym. Was for me studying at the DHfPG the perfect combination!» Gisela Gartmair is still thrilled by the dual degree: the Bachelor was super. I’m sure it was feasible because it works at the same time and learns, too stressful, but in any case. As a student of the DHfPG, it has a great advantage in contrast to students at universities, because you can apply his knowledge directly into practice through the dual study and has professional experience at the end of the study three years. Just the experience is missing many other students.» Also the interplay of business education has the young Cyclist race persuaded: with us in the Studio combining presence phase and implementation in the operation worked super.

We have gone through different departments, where each student was used mainly depending on the can.»I could take much of the presence phases!» by the presence phases in the DHfPG is Gisela Gartmair thrilled. The classroom has made a lot of fun. We were a small class, had a close contact with each other. That was great, because so was eerily effective lessons. Of course thanks to the speakers who are experts in their field and have given us the fabric well. I couldn’t take much of the presence phases, for my work in the Studio, but also for me personally and my training.» Gisela Gartmairs future look like? As of end of 2008 Gisela Gartmair completed her studies Bachelor of Arts»in nutrition counseling at the German University.

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