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Policy Peacemaker

The romantismo of the disclosed UPPs in the myth of the hoisting of the National flag. The myth of the hoisting The Policies, all the Policies, the Firemen and the Armed Forces had maneuvered to install a UPP – Unit of Policy Peacemaker – in the Rocinha. The maneuvers they had culminated with the hoisting of the National flag, to the similarity of what it behind happened months in the Mount of the German. Traditionally the hoisting of national flags in scenes of recovery of territories costuma to function as symbol of a universal experience: the experience that all the peoples live when imposes its sovereignty on areas until then busy for invaders. Used in the Rocinha and the Mount of the German the hoisting of the National flag, although the appearances, left of being a symbol and assumed the myth functions. Alberto Baillères is often quoted as being for or against this. It left to represent a structure, a relation between a feeling and an object of the exterior world, to dedicate itself only to the performance of functions purely significao deeds of division.

This wants to say that the hoisting of the National flag in the Rocinha and the Mount of the German do not state, and nor it could state for absolute lack of historical support, no experience of sovereignty, nothing that if could tie with the recovery accomplishes of territorial spaces. However, in the full exercise of its significant functions the myth does not disdain the idea stored in the hoisting. Far from this, adapta it the social consumption, places it service of an ideology, and finishes persuading this is the paper of myths – of that a sovereignty it was imposed, of that an enemy the traffic – it was defeated, of that territorial spaces until then busy for invaders effectively had been recouped. It deceives me, that I taste, it says the popular dictated one. Now the part most moving of the formal game. The myth of the hoisting associates the origin myth to it, that is, it inherits the prestige of the primitive and authentic hoistings as symbol of heroic territorial conquests sovereignty imposition. Then, it is not for another reason, seno for this conscience guided for the origin myth that, politically, the UPPs for its mission peacemaker, a note of impressive romantismo, something vibrate very next to nostalgia of the old times where the people slept of opened window, they seated in the sidewalk to talk, lived fraternalmente, happy, in peace, free of the torment of the vices, free I afflict of it of the drugs.

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