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Atlantic Mata Plants

In general they survive of entailed activities to the small agriculture, the artesanato, the extrativismo it fishes and it, according to some regions where if they point out. The majority of the works of research on this culture is recent and had appeared in the bulge of the fight for the affirmation of quilombolas as a group that presents a culture and a particular history, marked for the black presence in the agricultural activity and also in the religious activity. Islands of heat Brazil is one of the countries that if find vulnerable ahead of the effect of the changes of the climate. Our territory already registers adverse impacts of the natural variability of the climate, as droughts, estiagens, full, floodings and landslides of hillsides. Natural ecosystems, as Atlantic Mata, would be most sensible to these impacts, with possible changes in the current vegetal coverings and loss of biodiversity, moreover, the effect of these occurrences certainly will affect the hdricos resources, agriculture, they can have consequences in the health of the populations and the local and regional economies. OLIVEIRA (2009, p.238) on this subject standes out that: The increase of the temperature induces to a bigger evapotranspirao, that is the addition of the evaporation of the water to the surface with the perspiration of the plants.

This would reduce the amount of water in the ground, exactly that rains do not diminish significantly. This factor can, by itself, unchain the substitution of biomas existing, today, for other more adapted the climates with lesser hdrica availability for the plants. It could occur, for example, the substitution of forests for savannahs, savannahs for caatinga, and caatinga for half desert. She is necessary to lead in account that other alterations also contribute to create the conditions of substitutions of biomas. It is the case of the assignment given to the space and secular distribution of the temperature field on the city that presents a maximum, or the thermal contrast between areas more urbanizada and less urbanizada, that it makes to remember the curves of level of the topography of an island, from there the origin of the name heat island.

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